Make your life a masterpiece to feel fulfilled

Making your life a masterpiece so you can feel and be fulfilled in most of the aspects of life.

Peter Legg’s Masterpiece presentation offers a palette of timeless lessons and entertaining stories from his book including:

  • Choose to be a life-long optimist.

    Make your life a masterpiece
    Make your life a masterpiece
  • Commit to excellence.
  • Take the time to build your relationships.
  • Make every moment count.
  • Feed your mind.
    Serve the community.

Make your life a masterpiece.

Think how useful the electricity in today’s life is.

Consider how important it has become to make use of the internet.

Study how life would be without automobile, airplanes…

Someone has decided to find the key and use it to open a door that would change things in people’s lives.

Not everybody will equal Thomas Edison, nor Mike Tyson, neither Bill Gates, but one thing is for sure, your life has its meaning and purpose to fulfill on the planet no matter how insignificant this might look like or how big it might end up becoming.

The question here is: what do you see or even better, who do you see when you look yourself in front of a mirror?

People, things, circumstances will only reproduce what you think of yourself or what you value yourself.

What you project in your mirror, is like planting that projection in a proper rich ground. Your environment will water it according to the respect you give it yourself. You will only get the result of that projection at the appointed time.
Your surrounding and conditions are there to either propel you high enough to fly the world or sink you deep enough to your burial depending on what you are projecting yourself about yourself.


Resourceful living.

Resourceful life
Resourceful life

The higher the contrast you meet in your life, the greater the opportunity for you to shine the best.

Just think of a huge amount of darkness so thick that you cannot see anything around you. Imagine how a little tiny spot of light can dissipate that amount of darkness in no time without any effort at all.

Trials mold the best version of yourself to make you act as a true parent in front of anybody. To make you handle any situation with the proper care. To make you correct and endure conditions with efficiency.

At the end you become the center of interest everywhere you are with anybody in your contact.

Your attitude towards adversities, struggles, perfect storms in life, whatever you name it, is what shorten the length of the learning process or make it last until you understand that you need to get a perfect lesson out of what is happening to you.

Your atmosphere towards people around you is either your rocket that will make your stay with them a paradise or a pit that will make your stay with them a hell.

Positive always conquers negative in the same way truth always ends up overcoming all the mountains of lies.
Falling down doesn’t transform a human to a snake whose nature is to lay down on the ground.


The inevitable You.

Nature has taught us that monkey do what monkey sees. You are not a monkey, you have abilities far above animal life.

The Original - The Inevitable You
The Inevitable You

Your neighbor may become multimillionaire by winning lottery, your ex may become the best expert in their fields and so on…

What meaning do you give to your life? How do you see yourself as a contributor to the human kind?

What should be the main point of focus for the rest of your life?

For you to understand my point, I’ll give an illustration with the army board.

A Corporal is as important as any other soldier in the army, but he ranks in the lowest position. That limits the impact of his wishes, he can only depend on his hierarchy.

A General Officer is an officer of high rank in the army, and in some nations’ air forces or marines. The term “general” is used in two ways: as the generic title for all grades of general officer and as a specific rank.

A General will get involved in national interests, his opinion matters, his wishes are appreciated, his will is taken mostly in consideration.

During international Coalitions, when humankind matters are concerned, a general will certainly be consulted for strategic skills. His life is precious if he is asked to face adversities.

You don’t teach a duck how to swim but you need to learn how to drive a car.

What are your training objectives? How serious are concerned about learning proper skills that will propel your life to the state where you want to be in.

A little puppy will end up soon or later acting like a normal dog. Whatever you have deep inside of you, will speak up for itself at the appointed time if you can recognize who you are and what you possess.

This reminds me of a friend who was driving his Volvo, his wife and son were seated in the rear seats, I was in front with him.

At some point, the heat was getting unbearable during the ride, that his wife opened her window to cool down a bit.

I asked my friend if he was saving money driving like that? He wanted to know what I meant with my question.

I explained that his car was air-conditioned, so I could not figure out enduring the heat while the car was equipped.

To make the story short, he only discovered then that the car he has recently bought could cover his needs, but he did not know that fact until the need appeared, and someone could show him the value of what he already possessed.

At this point, you might need a real break, if it takes a vacation, do it, so you can put on the table what should be your next step in life.
Your relation, your career, your social contacts, your profession, what have you, you have to take an important break for you to do the leap of your life.


Live Your message.

Live your message
Live your message

Identifying who you are really is what this is all about.

Think of an astronaut alone in the moon walking, exploring, discovering this new environment. The only contact he has is his team and the tower of control from earth.

He trusts his cloths and equipment he has to protect him against environmental conditions.

Have you found the source of inspiration for your next step in life? Is that source trustworthy?

How committed are you to that source?

Can you move towards the end of your objectives and motives with that source? Do you have from time to time to reconsider that source and look study other options?

Remember, a shepherd smells like his goats, so does the baker from his environment.

Your life will reproduce what you depend on no matter what might be pretended.

People will appreciate you more if you show your colors than when you let them guess.

If you have decided to change the world, start acting like the world is being changed by you and this will happen along the way, not necessarily now but keep pressing on. You will not be surprised with the result, because of what you have already acted upon from your projection.

This reminds me of my moving to a nice neighborhood fully surrounded with farms and wonderful people I thought. Until later on I discovered that some families have lost their relatives mostly from cancer.

I decided to plant fruit trees as a barrier to do blockades against pesticides in the neighborhood.

I found myself in a psychiatric hospital, people have taxed me as a mentally sick.
This did not stop me, only hindered my programs to make them better with better strategies.


Do neurons transmit messages?
Do neurons transmit messages?

Do neurons transmit messages?

Consider the fact of an infant ready to be taken by an adult. The first reflex that the child will do is to look right deep in the eyes of the person intending to lift him up. Just like a bat would send a signal through his radar to catch the echo.

You will discover the same reality with pets or wild animals, they sense their contacts to catch their feelings and emotions.

Unconsciously your neurons transmit what is deep in your mind. Pretending can only drive you away from your true personality or mission.
What you need to keep in mind is that being aware of who you are, what are your objectives and motives should always be present in your imaginations for the world around you to read you and do their best to open doors for you or protect you from going astray just in the same way you protect an innocent child who is about to fall from a tilt chair or open the door to the cat fighting his way back inside of a compound


What is my ultimate wish for you?

Consider a surfer in the sea how he doesn’t fight waves, but he uses them to sail on effortlessly.

Look at an eagle flying, soaring higher and higher only by adjusting his wings in the way that the wind will carry him easily.

Make your life a masterpiece, have a resourceful living, be the inevitable you, live your message, your neurons will transmit the right message to the right beings.

Everyday, be the best version of yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m more than willing to giving a helping hand according to my possibilities and answer any question you might have or any constructive comment.

Faithfully yours,



6 thoughts on “Make your life a masterpiece to feel fulfilled

  1. Furkan

    I think living the message is the most important thing but I am not quite sure that I found mine. What do you recommend for me to find it?

    1. admin

      I’m not quite sure I got your question, can you make it clearer for me? Is it to do with making your life a masterpiece as content itself?
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Janelle

    I feel that what you are saying is to act now like your life is what you want it to be. Look in the mirror and see what you would like yourself to see. Stay positive and always look forward never behind, stay focused on your dreams and imagine what your life can become, then live that dream even if your not there yet ! Inspiring article it really made me sit up and look at myself. Thankyou

    1. admin

      Thank you Janelle for taking time to read my post, and above all for explaining what I did not write.
      I wish to you a lot of success in your focus.

  3. I personally read a lot about Spiritualism and find it very inspiring. However, it is challenging to always be the best version of yourself. But yes, I always do my best to be true to myself and live to fulfill my purpose. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Nathalie for your testimony. The best of luck in fulfilling your mission.

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