How important is The Quality Family Time – Cheap Family destinations

Quality Family Time
Quality Family Time

The importance of quality family time should be one of the priorities Nowadays societies, where materialism has become a new religion above any other value even among highly spiritual people.

We all need all those new staff and technologies which help us a lot in our day to day activities.

Imagine having a house without a strong foundation. So is it with the trend our societies are getting involved in.

After the baby boom we’ve noticed a trend out of which everybody needed to have a nice schooling and trade their lives in a stable career and conclude their journeys with a nice pension scheme.

The evolution of the woman-state has changed that tendency, pushing both man and woman to work together to sustain the family needs, while this was not felt during the previous generation, until we almost have gone overboard that the main reason of sustaining the family needs have become a new style of houses without strong foundations.
Are we wasting our opportunities in investing in family values?


The Importance of Quality Family Time.


Long lasting bond
Long lasting bond

Just as I mentioned here above, a house that is meant to be strong and long-lasting need an appropriate foundation.

Neglecting to brush teeth will oblige a person to seek for a dentist help soon or later.

Some parents have found themselves too early in elderly homes just because their children did not beneficiate of their parents care properly during their childhood, so they could not afford to transmit what they lacked.

Most of the time, children depend mainly on the society to give them what parents don’t have time to transmit, either because of lack of time, resources, or just because some parents are simply not aware of their responsibilities.

Can a man reproduce perfect love to his wife if he never learned what it means to love a woman with a proper example at home where he grew up? Vice versa for the woman.

Are children delinquency 100% the responsibility of teenagers and the society?

You can understand that I’m not accusing anyone here, I’m trying to make a point.

In the same way we plan our days and weeks and months, we should somewhere in our agendas, among priorities include family quality time on the top if not daily at least minimum thrice a week.
We should not wait for vacations to do that, because family quality time is as important as cherishing one’s job, the main difference here is that you will leave your job one day for some reasons, but your family will always remain in your life.


Cheap Family destinations.


Cheap Destinations
Cheap Destinations

What I mean by Cheap Family destinations, is the fact of finding varieties of places, activities, occasions, where you can afford to be time and time again without having to sacrifice other bills utilities.

Choosing various themes for destinations should be thought of in the agenda at least once in a week so you can avoid routines in your family or in your relation.

Just for an example, walking in the wood for half an hour in a week could bring you closer to be in nature, but for the following week, why not visiting a family member or some friends? Not necessary to spend hours with them, but just to pop in for a cup of tea?

Those little breaks will keep you up and running until the main vacations where you can enjoy even better for a long period according to the vacation theme you would have chosen and the budget which goes with it.


The Importance of Family bonding.

Unconditional love
Unconditional love

Honor your parent so you can extend your life and remain satisfied. All the religions of the world know about that sentence, but what does it really mean?

Unconditional love: makes you to be unlimited in terms of potential when and where there is a need to care for your owns one.


Unconditional help: makes your potentials to become reality where and where there is need to achieve something for your owns one.

Unconditional appreciation: no matter how bad or unfit your owns one may look like out there, for you they are as precious as your eyes are to your face.

These three unconditional elements mentioned here are you can transmit to your family even if you did not receive as much as you should.

Loving kindness to recuperate what is remaining from the old civilization.

There is no need to vindicate to you what your fingerprints prove that you are unique among the 7 billion plus human beings on the planet. In other words, only you can transmit to your family what you have in your unique way which you need to master through choices and decisions you made every single time. Your uniqueness should push you to be as much original as possible, so you can create the perfect family bonding.
You can find various cheap baby milk out there, but you will never find a milk that can equal not even compensate the one produced by a mother tailored specifically for and to her baby.


Family investments.

Family investements
Family investments

Any investment comes to its limits in terms of satisfaction and will always remain external to you as a human compared to the satisfaction you have when you see the flourishing of your family after all the time, endeavors and sacrifices you invested.

That kind of satisfaction is far higher than all the lotteries winning put together.

One of the main purposes of Family investments, is to create that deep satisfaction in you to make your brain be more creative. That creativity is what will help you by pass many issues in life, such as ailments, controversies, many types of dysfunctions.
Imagine the loneliness of some important personalities we know today, specially those who have reached their pick of success but left their families behind. Some are developing ailments only very rare specialists can cure. Unfortunately, they cannot reverse the time. Children are grown up, ex are living another style of life, they find themselves surrounded with beautiful everything but empty home life.


My commitments to you.

I wish to you the best of luck in all aspects of life and above all, the best moment with your family.

My hope is that these few broken English sentences will make their impact in you and your family to make the world a better place to live in starting by you and your closed ones.

Should I be able to help in any way, your questions, comments and critics are welcome by filling in the form below.


8 thoughts on “How important is The Quality Family Time – Cheap Family destinations

  1. This is a great article with some amazing points! The family structure has evolved into I believe into “each man, woman and child for themselves”, literally. Children are raising themselves now a days, with video games and whatever is thrown out on TV. I don’t watch TV for a reason have not for years, input is important to our sub-conscious minds. people families men women children need to experience the out doors and more. the article is great and points out some very important issues. You might want to use the spell check. There are a few typos. great article and point made.

    1. Thanks Debra for your input. I’m grateful that my message could be understood with my broken English:-)
      Have a nice continuation.

  2. Family outings and get togethers ARE important to maintain that family bond. My parents, or family in general, did not do any of these things and aren’t very close today. I like how you talk about cheap destinations since that is a factor in why I never got to go on a family vacation as a child. My parents were VERY poor. I am close to some of my family members, and I don’t even really know most of my family, but now that I am older I am working on changing that!

    1. Debbie, your story is touching. I appreciate your attitude towards the future. Best of luck to you.

  3. Good article. It’s important in our busy lives for people to remember what’s important.

  4. Hi Alex!
    Great ideas. I wish we would all appreciate our family and spend more time with them. Hope you will reach all parents out there and help them realize that.
    Thank you for the thorough information.


    1. Hi Michal!
      Thanks a million for your input. I’ll do my best to reach out additional parents as many as possible.

      A lot of success to you and your family.


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