Choosing a Theme for Vacations – Rebooting your systems.

Choosing a theme for vacations
Choosing a Theme

Choosing a specific theme for a vacation is as important as choosing a destination.

I guess you know how useful it is, having the interior of your home well decorated to make you feel welcome and enjoy your stay indoors.


Consider parents with the care they take when selecting furniture for the room of their future child during the pregnancy.

Those little observations are so important to make the life of their baby comfortable for its next step in life.

That image is the same as when considering changing a direction in your life, you need to take into account a specific theme that will help you do a swift transition or a soft migration.

So first of all, you need to identify what needs to be improved or changed.

Secondly what could possibly be done or at least envision already the improved or the changed condition deep in your mind. Then choose a theme for your break. A theme that will allow you during the break to stay focus on your next step.


Theme’s ideas.

Let us consider some scenarios that will help us understand what I mean by vacation themes.

Theme's ideas
Theme’s ideas

For example, in a relation, a person might feel the need to change directions because of routines, or lack of satisfactions but still wants to remain faithful to the engagement involved in.

A suggestion could be an environment where romance and love can be felt would be the most appropriate one to go. To better master that idea, I would give its contrast.

Going to Pompei for a vacation would not help much in terms of imaginations and feelings towards the case of improving one’s relation.

Another example of a theme is about Family issues. You might feel the need to strengthen your family bond after a period of crisis, such as when children are growing, teenagers might not be easy to handle.

An environment where children can meet other people of their ages might be appropriate, if they can create additional interesting contacts. Meanwhile, try to participate and get involved with them as far as they welcome you in their environment.

On the other hand, if you think of a place where you can renew your old-time good moments alone with them might also be a nice idea.

Let me give you a contrast here. Taking your teenagers to a place where they don’t feel they are understood or supported, might be a good way to waste time, resources and eventually worsen the situation.

Remember, that family bond is the best investment you’ll ever do in your lifetime. Every occasion should be an opportunity to tie that bond stronger and raise it to be the highest priority in terms of quality time.

Family time
Family time

Many parents find it useful to take their kids to play grounds, the family is always renewed after those moments, pictures and videos create precious memories in family members.




Another theme to consider here is the Career. When it comes time for you to think of your next step in career, it is worth taking a break either at the beginning of the new step or at the end of the last step.

Bear in mind that a career is like a relation, you’ll find yourself propelled to higher spheres or entangled with heavy struggles to the point that your life might become ruined and empty even to the extent of loosing interest in most of your vital elements such as your family bond, your relatives, your hobbies, your ambitions, even your health might be affected.

An inspiring environment such as sites where successful people attended, or heroes have marked their imprints there might be appropriate.

I remember when I visited Arnold Von Winkelried’s tomb in Switzerland, how I felt. There, I have found one of my true reasons for leaving.

My life took another direction from that time. I realized how I could be useful to the humankind no matter what people may do to harm or hurt me.

Lives of great people always leave footprint in the sand of time.

The contrast of that theme would be visiting a city where miners workers have been buried during their labor from an explosion in a charcoal mine.

Keep in mind that you are a supernatural being still, even if you are not aware of that phenomenon, that means that your mind catches things subconsciously, and those informations’s are transmitted to your brain which will process them as a stimulus or a negative catered ingredient.

Another theme to look at here is when you want to reconsider your Life’s Direction. You come up with ideas that keep on bringing you back to the point where you started, in other words, you keep on turning in a circle, not being able to breakthrough.

Some of my friends have considered doing marathons, others have crossed part of the desert, other have spent days in jungles or caravans, just to be totally disconnected to their routines. Guess what, most of them have come out with different breakthrough. Different personalities, open-minded, taking their time to examine opportunities they never considered before.

Most of them have improved their skills, bettered their relations, empowered and motivated their peers, amazing to see, just in a few days, people could zero their mind and change completely their lives.

Choosing a life-style
Choosing a life-style

One more theme for closing but not the last one because the list is endless is the Self-vision.

For you to understand that theme, study a frame with a picture of dead tree.

In the eyes of a carpenter, it is an opportunity to make furniture’s out of it.

The same image would be viewed as a sad end to an environmentalist, creating a sad emotion in her mind.

An athlete might see that image as a nice place to practice, the laying log being a nice support for push-ups and so on.

You might become unaware of you vision of life due to routines.

One thing will be an alarm to you is when you notice a lack of creativity in yourself, you can be sure that your self-vision needs to be reconsidered by choosing a right theme for your next break.

This reminds me of Henry who decided to take one full month leave to stay home with his wife to take care of their children.

He learned how to bake cakes the way children enjoyed the most, he gardened a lot during the school hours, did most of the house keeping during two weeks after sending his wife on holiday with his mother-in-law. He drove children to and from schools, to make the story short, He changed his vision of family matters after he realized a lack of creativity in his business. No need to tell you that after that month of vacation, his business ranked amongst the top in his domain.

Boost and reboot

Boost and reboot.

We are all acquainted with the benefits of servicing a car after a certain mileage to make it run better.

The same idea applies for rebooting a computer, so it gives it a better performance.

Imagine someone goes ahead in a long journey without filling up the tank of the car or not stopping from time to time to get a rest and be resourced.

Have you noticed in some hospitals where patients suffer from insomnia, how they are disturbed mentally?

What would happen to trees if they were to continue their lives without loosing their leaves once in a while?

I guess you’ve got the point I’m trying to make.

Taking breaks between steps is as important as starting a new step.

Your mind has to be prepared for the next step for your total being (soul, mind, body) to be committed to be efficient during that next step.

You can try that during the day on your routines, don’t just switch from one task to another without preparing your mind by taking little tiny breaks in between. You’ll be surprised how efficiently you will have successfully accomplished your duties.

This applies for Themes when considering taking a vacation. Even for choosing a theme, you need to take a break, a deep breath and consider what could possibly be the most appropriate theme to apply for your break.


Planning ahead before rebooting.

Planning ahead
Planning ahead

I’ll take my own case which can be compared to someone who’s parenting.

I have two dogs, they are my companions since I only have my two teens during vacations.

It has happened once I was away for a long time, one of my dogs could not be handled with by my nephews, even if they did their best, but the dog felt the difference and often misbehaved. My family did not want to bother me, so they kept quiet until I returned. My sweet holiday was a bit of a nightmare to my nephews.

Graça, one of my friends has become widow by a lack of calculations. They came from a journey about 1,500km away from their home in the north of Portugal coming from France. Claudio was tired, so he left Graça drive. It was night and most of the gas stations were closed, they did not have automated services in remote areas in that time, back in the years 1990.

Graça thought to save gas so they could make it to the next big city where they could feel up the tank. She stopped the engine, making the car drive freely down the 7 km long hill. She only realized then that the steering wheel and the breaking system where electronically controlled when the key was in the contact position, which was not the case at the time of descending the hill.

The next thing she remembered was, she woke up in the hospital and Claudio had to be buried the following week. Of course, you can not think ahead of everything that might happen during your break, but at least consider whatever that can be taken care of before starting your break.


Strategies and their seasons.

Think before acting
Think before action

Having the appropriate seed and ground but choosing a wrong season might not produce what is expected.

After you have selected your theme, the vacation place and budget, you have been there and came back fresh and boosted.

You came out with some definite strategies for the next step and willing with full determination to tackle that next step of your life.

Just one little thing before you jump into the water, can you at least check the temperature and the quality of what seems to be like a pond?

Being disappointed at this stage might be fatal, if you don’t take necessary precautions.

A couple came back from their honey moon and decided to build their family house by a nice farm, so their children could have enough space in a nice environment.

The husband felt something was not ticking right. After investigations, he realized that neighbors have lost some of their family members from cancer caused by pesticides. John attended an auction few months later, he managed to buy an abandoned warehouse with a huge compound for the tenth of the price and ten times bigger the size of what they would have bought in the previous ground.

Focus on the result not the current situation.

Whether you choose to give to your life a new meaning, or boost your relation or career, or just to change your vision of life, take all that it takes to be well-prepared to be efficient, mindful, and get the best result expected.

Many times, the outcome may seem different from what was expected, but if you have taken the correct steps, the result will end up covering more than what you looked for.

You might need a job but end up being a successful entrepreneur.

Your original thought might have been to boost your relation but end up with a nice and loving family which is a better version of a simple relation.

If you have a question, a suggestion or any constructive critic, please feel free to reach out.


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