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Finding a dwelling place has been a passion of mine since I was 7 years old, and over the years, my parents have moved from place to place either for the work, the business or even to some extent, at the limit of being homeless at some point, and I have seen the same pattern being developed in me along the way.

A little story about my housing life.

My parents built their first house in a domain of my grand father who has been a colonial, in Kasongo Lunda in DRC 15 years before I was born.

They stayed there for a period of about 10 years and moved to the Main city where they started by renting a house then they moved from house to house either for a better place or for better conditions for the accommodation of the family.

Being a kid, I have seen the struggle of my parents doing their best to provide a shelter for the 8 children they have plus about 10 cousins of mine who became orphans and my parents decided to raise them, without counting some of their brothers and sisters who were homeless who stayed with us from time to time.

Now I want to give back.

Over the years, I accumulated knowledge and expertise in different houses I have been. I came to a conclusion that your heart knows better than your brain can ever figure out. I’ve learned how to chose a dwelling place, it might be for a short stay, like for a week-end break or a renting place as a stepping stone, or a permanent place for a period during some seasons or even a definitive home.

The sparkler.

Back in September 1991 after I graduated in Computer Science, the population manifested against authorities in the country. The Portuguese government sent airplanes to withdraw its population from the DRC, that included my family.

To make the story short, we spent a couple of days in a nice hotel but I had funny feeling during the stay, like a huge unseen burden lurking on me. Few days later, my feelings were confirmed when the 14 members of my family woke up in the morning, we were all smelly. We realized that the place we spent the night as an abandoned factory was full of human wastes.

From that place, we moved to a two star catholic dormitory hotel, out of which my personal journey started, moving in and out in a variety of apartments, houses, bungalows, villas and domains.


Learning through obstacles sharpens the character and makes the person a great mind. They say.

I’ve been expelled out of a house where I have helped the owner to find a home for her life.

After being misunderstood by the local authorities due to the fact that I was helping neighbors to protect themselves against pesticides and have them to enjoy their lives, I was taken by the police, forced to a mental health hospital to be examined.

Medical doctors could not keep me in the hospital, so they expelled me out because they could not find me mentally disturbed.

I have spent months in my caravan in camping as steppingstones. I even spent a full winter in my car beside my dog in a garden of a house where someone had passed away from a heart failure.

Every dwelling place I have been been a learning process to master what kind of place to chose and what can be expected as a result.

It is like choosing a meal, a good choice, will produce something in your life and it will speak for itself, a bad one will also produce a result.

I have learned that every place that one’s body rests, let it be for one night, or a season, or a period, or the rest of one’s life, will have an impact in the following steps of life if some strong emotions and feelings are felt or developed during the stay.

Some places are considered to be amplifyers (you get what you expect) while others are considered to be catalysers (victimizing people. Even if you become victim of circumstances, staying correct to yourself will end up being an opportunity of success).

I have seen couples coming back from holidays and filed their divorce cases while in the opposite, some other couples could not afford to stay in their place due to births happening in their house followed by promotions and business growth.

Why am I doing this? The heart has its reasons.

I was told a story as a kid, of a monkey called Mc Acu. Some hunters made a trap by digging a huge pit. They covered it up with leaves and laid fruits on top.

Most of the community members felt in that pit but could not come out because the depth was huge, except Mc Acu who always took his time before any action. He enjoyed accumulating anything that came on his way.

Mc Acu figured out how to get his fellows out of the pit by pulling them up with a rope he made from things he has accumulated. Every time a member of the community managed to get out, he smacked Mc Acu’s face.

When he was asked by Gil why was he continuing to help others after being smacked each time so ungratefully? Mc Acu’s answer to his friend was: ” the smacking pains will vanish after a while, but I will have my conscience in peace that I have not let them suffer”.

Dream BIG but Choose SMART.

Choosing a dwelling place is like in any relation, it can propel someone to the highest climax or it can bury a person under tons of difficulties. The outcome of any dwelling place provide the same pattern, all depends on how the person chooses where to rest his or her body to stay for a holiday, a season, or a permanent dwelling place.

Keep in mind however, if Abraham Lincoln and JF Kennedy had both followed the same pattern of life in the white house, that doesn’t mean that all other presidents should have the same way of living with both benefits and disasters around them.

Understanding the deep need in a person will contribute a lot in the type of place to choose and will conditionate the fulfillment of their stay in the chosen place.

In essence, I think it has gone back to the roots, much of the contents discussed here are centered around making the right choice at the right moment to get the right expectation a hundredfold with full satisfaction.

All things are possible!


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Alexandre A. Ribeiro

Founder of Easy Eureka Real Estate


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